About New Biyagama Village

Hotel Biyagama Village offers guests not only an idyllic location, but also a wide variety of activities for all ages. We have an elegant children park for kids and swimming pool for all ages. Kelani River in the side of the hotel is a marvelous sight which is undoubtedly a delight for lovers of tranquility and nature. You can have a boat riding in the Kelani River with friends and family.

We try our best to ensure your stay is as pleasant as possible. The rooms are equipped with the full range comforts like AC, TV, private balconies, piped music, intercom telephones, hot and cold water and 18 hours room service.

Hotel Biyagama Village is ideal for wedding receptions. We have four air conditioned reception halls and offer special packages and free added services for wedding receptions and parties.

We are well recognized for our delicious menus. We have a wide menu list and appreciated by local and foreign clients for their amazing flavor. Moreover, our dishes are available at most affordable rates.

We invite your to experience our hospitably and comfort while observing the nature at its best.